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Season’s Greetings


We are fast approaching the holiday season, with all of its warm thoughts and friendly smiles. All around the world, people are immersing themselves in the spirit of the season. We at Argenta Presbyterian Church send you and your family our best wishes.

Christmas is more than just a holiday; it is a holy day. It is a time when we are most reminded of God’s gift to the world of his only son, the Christ child, to raise us up out of our condition, and into Grace. In the midst of our shopping, cooking, and merriment, our most important priority as Christians can be unintentionally obscured. In the whirlwind of to-do lists and such, it is important to remember the story of our Savior’s birth in order to regain clarity.

The three wise men were guided to Jesus’ manger by light, and they came bearing gifts. It is not as important to know what the gifts were as it is to recognize that these men wanted to give Jesus the best of what they had. During this Christmas season, let’s determine to give the best of what we have, the love of Jesus Christ, to a friend. The unconditional love, grace, and mercy of Christ are gifts each of us might share.

Please feel free to reach out to someone and invite them to our Christmas service. This person may be a neighbor, or a co-worker, or even your postman – every person you know can benefit from Christ’s gift. As with the wise men, the Lord will guide you by His light.

We at Argenta Presbyterian Church hope to see you and your loved ones (and hopefully your guests!) at our upcoming Christmas Eve service on December 24, 2014 at 7:30 pm. This is a time for us to congregate and praise the Lord, and we would love to have your voices join ours as we do so. Thank you.

Christmas Blessings,

Your Friends at Argenta Presbyterian Church



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